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How do I choose the best diesel fuel heater?

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How do I choose the best diesel fuel heater?

What is the difference between a 5kW and 8KW diesel heater?

What is the difference between a 2KW and 5kW diesel heater?

A 2kW unit on Low produces way less heat than a 5kW unit on Low. This can be a good thing if you've got a small space that heats up and keeps the heat. Smaller case size. You can fit a 2kW unit in slightly smaller spaces than a 5kW unit.

What is the best diesel heater on the market?

Vvkb Apollo-V Air Diesel Heater meets all the criteria we have mentioned above, and that’s why we decided to choose it as the best option on the market. There are actually two versions of this heater: Apollo-V1 is 2.5kw and Apollo-V2 is 5kw.

Why choose a diesel air heater?

VVKB diesel air heaters are an excellent way to heat up your vehicle and/or marine vessel. With our units, your comfort during the cold season is guaranteed-you can rest easy knowing that no matter the season or temperature outside, you’ll always stay cozy and warm. This is because our heaters don’t rely on the engine to operate.

How much diesel do I need to run an air heater?

Capacity The most common 2kW air heaters average around 100 to 150mL of diesel per hour so generally 10L tanks are sufficient, giving 50+ hours of operation in most mid sized caravans. 10L is the most common tank size.

How to choose the right diesel parking heater?

So depending on the size of the space you want to heat, go for a heater with the right amount of air flow. The voltage rating of your diesel parking heater is critical. It often depends on the size and model of the heater. A highly rated voltage heater tends to generate more heat than a low voltage one.

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What is the difference between a 2kW and 5kW diesel heater?

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