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When should you replace your air conditioner blower motor?

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When should you replace your air conditioner blower motor?

Blower motors that are clogged with debris, or that become saturated with moisture can fail due to overworking or electrical shorts. Something to consider when replacing the blower motor in your HVAC system is how often you are paying for repairs. Most residential furnaces should last between fifteen and twenty years.Rust will cause a motor to seize up and prevent the motor from spinning. If your blower motor has bad bearings, damaged windings, or is otherwise seized up, then you’ll need to replace the motor. Replacing a blower motor is a decently challenging task, so most times it’s worth it to get an HVAC professional to do it for you.

How long should an AC blower motor last?

The average lifespan of an AC fan motor is about 12 years. An AC fan motor can last more than 12 years if it's kept clean and cooled as needed. On the other hand, without annual maintenance checkups, your fan motor may only survive between one and three years.

What happens when a blower motor goes bad?

The blades of the fan are made of plastic and they can get damaged easily. If it happens, you will hear unusual noises like slapping or sudden pop coming from behind the vent. Problems with the airflow have signs such as ongoing whirring, getting louder when you increase the fan speed.

Is it expensive to replace a blower motor?

Replacing a blower motor costs $450 on average with a typical range of $250 to $800. With a warranty, you might pay as little as $150 for labor alone. For high-end models, like those with large motors or access issues, you might pay as much as $2,000.

How much is a new blower motor?

How much does it cost to fix AC blower?

What does a bad blower motor sound like?

A defective blower motor will make a continuous sound noticeable by the passengers in the vehicle. It can manifest as a knocking, whirring, clunking, vibrating, squealing, or whining noise that persists until the blower motor is replaced.

Can a bad blower motor cause no AC?

Power to the blower motor is fed through the blower motor resistor, so if it fails or has any issues power can be cut off to the motor. A blower motor without power will not be able to produce any air pressure, and as a result the heating and air conditioning system will be left with no air coming from the vents.

How often do blower motors go out?

How long does it take to replace a blower motor?

It generally takes about 4 hours for an experienced technician to do a blower motor replacement. If you are doing it on your own in your garage with common tools, you can expect the job to take 6 hours or more.

Why is my AC blower not working?

In air conditioning mode, check the indoor unit for ice around the evaporator coil and refrigerant lines. If the fan is not working, the coil could freeze. With a frozen coil, air will not pass through until the ice melts. You should shut off the air conditioning immediately.

Can a blower motor be repaired?

There are a number of things that can go wrong with your heating system, but if the air stops blowing altogether and the same is true on cold air settings, a blower motor replacement is likely in order. The good news is that it's a fairly straight forward repair.

Can you drive with a bad blower motor?

Should you drive with a bad heater blower motor? A bad heater blower motor will not affect the safety of your car, with the possible exception of you not being able to clear the windshield of snow, ice, or condensation if the defrosters don't work.

Can a car run without a blower motor?

Your car's blower motor is not only necessary for the operation of your air conditioner. Without a functioning blower motor your engine runs the risk of overheating.

What causes a blower motor to go out?

What Causes Blower Motor Failure? Like other components in your HVAC system, the blower motor can wear down over time. Some of the reasons a blower motor might fail are overheating, and excessive moisture. When dust, dirt, and debris build up, it can cause the windings and bearings to burn up more quickly.

Is a blower motor covered under warranty?

What is covered under warranty? The warranty only covers functional parts such as: blower motor, compressor, coil, control board, heat exchanger, etc.

Where is the AC blower located?

The blower fan is located inside a horizontal air conditioning unit in many home air conditioning systems, especially when the air handler is located in an attic or crawl area.

How long does a condenser fan motor last?

How long do AC condenser fan motors last? Most AC condenser fan motors will last between 10 to 15 years and may not fail even as the rest of your AC unit is failing. Regular maintenance will also guarantee the fan lasts longer, as without it you can expect only about two to four years of successful operation.

What is a blower motor on AC unit?

A blower motor turns the fan in your HVAC unit, which causes the outgoing air to circulate out of the system and into the rooms of your home. The blower motor is the part of your HVAC system that gets your home to the temperature set on your thermostat.

Why is my air conditioner blower so loud?

If a sudden loud rattle occurs, it could mean a small piece of debris got stuck in the outdoor air conditioner's compressor fan. To fix it, turn off the unit and remove the visible obstruction. After removal, check for any damage done to the condenser coils, compressor, and fan.

How do I know if it's my blower motor or resistor?

Typically, if the fan will work on some speeds but not on others, the resistor is suspect. Okay, let's say there's no melting going on, but your fan doesn't work on all speeds. Typically, if the fan will work on some speeds but not on others, the resistor is suspect.

Why is my HVAC blower so loud?

Most likely the blower fan has become loose and is creating the sound by hitting against the blower house casing. A metal-scraping sound needs to be addressed right away, and requires the attention of a professional HVAC technician.

What is the difference between a fan motor and a blower motor?

What Is a Blower Motor? Unlike the condenser fan motor, the blower motor is located indoors. It's the component that blows cool air through the ducts and into different parts of your home. So it's essentially your air mover.

Do blower motors get weak?

Similar to other components in an HVAC system, the blower motor will become more vulnerable to mechanical failures as it experiences more wear and tear over time. If your air conditioner is aging and becoming increasingly problematic, there's a good chance the motor is in trouble.

How much does a Lennox blower motor cost?

Lennox Blower Motor Replacement Cost On average this is between $500-$1800. A basic ac motor (alternating current) will be on the lower side of the spectrum costing closer to $500.

How much does a carrier blower motor cost?

Carrier Blower Motor Replacement Cost Furnace blower motors will vary in cost depending on the type of motor. On average this is between $500-$1800.

How long does it take to fix an air conditioner blower motor?

Air Conditioning Blower Motor Repair Labor time - Troubleshooting and repair of the air conditioner system time (approximate) 1.5 to 3 hours depending on unit location and part availability. That is common in the summer. High heat and constant use causes old (and some new) air conditioner blower motors to burn up.

Should I replace my HVAC blower motor?

Sometimes, age is the biggest threat to an HVAC system. If your blower motor is too old and worn out, it’ll have a harder time keeping your home cool. The additional strain can lead to overheating, breakdowns, and higher energy costs. In this case, getting a new blower motor is the best solution.

What should I do if my air conditioner stops blowing air?

If your AC has stopped blowing air, has weak airflow, or you hear unusual noises, do a quick inspection of the fan motor. The motor is located in the condenser unit. Listen for a humming sound that tells you the AC compressor is functioning. Next, look through the vents at the top of the unit to see the fan.

How do I know if my air conditioner blower motor is bad?

If you turn on your air conditioning system and find that there is no air blowing out of the AC unit, or no buzz of the blower fan motor, then it is possible the AC blower motor has an issue. This is one of the most common and easy ways to know if your air conditioner blower motor is broken or not.

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