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Why is my heater and AC not working?

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Why is my heater and AC not working?

Your circuit breaker could have been tripped for your AC or furnace, so it's important to check both places. A key indicator is that if the thermostat is blank, the furnace might not have power. Try turning your AC off at the thermostat and resetting your circuit breaker. Wait a half an hour before turning it back on.

Why is my air conditioner heating not working?

When these do not work then the overall system is negatively affected, including the ability for the aircon to reach the desired temperature. At times the settings of the air conditioner may be in the wrong settings which may be why the air conditioner heating is affected.

Why is my reverse cycle air conditioning not heating my home?

Your reverse cycle air conditioning may be cooling your home but your air conditioner heating function may not be working correctly. When the air conditioning unit cools but does not heat the home then there can be multiple errors with the system.

Why is my central air conditioner blowing cold air?

Central air systems have condensers outside the house. Clear any debris around the air conditioner. Leaves and tree branches can block the flow and cause the unit to malfunction. Cleaning it regularly as part of AC maintenance helps prevent problems.

Why won't my furnace turn on?

It sounds silly, but mistakes happen, and the furnace won't turn on if the indoor air temperature is warmer than the thermostat's temperature setting. Likewise, the air conditioner won't turn on if the indoor air temperature is cooler than the thermostat's temperature setting.

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